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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Artist in Me

I don't know if you still remember but a few months back (that would be in the year 2014..), I got myself a watercolor travel kit by Van Gogh (Royal Talens) before my Tokyo trip. (Digging up post.. over here!)

I managed to paint quite a bit over there.

But after coming back to Singapore, that fire in me suddenly turned to water with a bad touch of alchemy and vaporized into steam. Do not ask me how that happened... (Come to think about it, I guess I was very busy having business meetings with Ailyn from Tat'sWorthy@Such for our collab workshop!)

Then 2015 arrived, and on the very spanking new day, while strolling at a nearby park, I decided to dish out my 95% untouched mini sketchpad and started sketching things that I was seeing around me. A little painting wouldn't hurt too.

Random wilted leaves, pods and flowers on the pathway

Tree stump with a bush of weird tendrils

Tree with bunches of yellow flower.. 

I think I was on a roll! A few days later, I busted out my ink pen and the Japanese watercolor set that I got from Tokyo. This time, I challenged myself to a less-than-30-minute doodle and paint. I ended up walking around my studio and doodled random art supplies.

And then the painting and drawing bug took over my life, kinda. I chanced upon this large pinkish cloud in the sky one evening..

Evening Sky - Ink, Watercolor and Gouache on 5" x 7" watercolor paper

Getting a little bored of see-draw-paint, I decided to play around with illustration and a different kind of style.

The Chirpy Gentleman - Ink illustration on watercolored background (5" x 7" watercolor paper)

I also toyed around with abstract watercolor painting!

Jellyfish Universe - Watercolor and Gouache on 5" x 7" watercolor paper 

Did another illustration on watercolored background for the most recent work..

Garden of Herbs - Ink illustration on watercolor background (5" x 7" watercolor paper)

More illustrations! More paintings! Here I come!


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