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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Doing My Part for Charity this National Craft Month

A Shout Out!

Here's a shout out to Patience Brewster, who started this campaign for craft bloggers to reflect on their craft and the importance to them. They're a one-artist company offering lovely unique gifts and ornaments! Do check them out!

Designing, Making, Crafting and Me

I would say making things have always been in my blood. My mum crochets and my late grandma was a seamstress. Since young, I was exposed to the craft of sewing and crocheting. Ironically, I preferred drawing and meddling with other art forms like origami and air-dry clay during my schooling days. It was only after graduating from University did I catch up on the art of sewing, knitting and crocheting. 10 years on, I am now more into the design aspects of making.

I would consider myself a pretty flexible maker who love to explore new art forms and learn new skills. While I predominantly love to play around with textiles, yarns and resins, I am also open to incorporating new techniques and skills like ceramics and woodworking. (which I hope to start learning and experimenting some time this year!)

Celebrating National Craft Month

As some crafters might have already known, March is National Craft Month. While it's fun to make things for myself (and I do have quite a number of projects on hand and in mind), I thought contributing back to the society by crafting for charity would be an even better way to celebrate!

In mid March, I happened to chance upon a community event which I felt I should not miss. The event calls for knitters and crocheters to contribute scarves for the needy in Northern Thailand, where temperatures can drop to single digit (in Celsius) at the highlands during the winter months.

So far I've managed to complete 2 scarves, with a third on the way!

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