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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

March Illustrations

March had been a confusing month.

It started with me feeling frustrated at myself with issues and non-issues all over again, and the other half had a little discussion with me and we both contemplated that it's high time that I needed some time-out.

Endless Turmoil, Ink drawing & Water color on heavyweight cartridge paper

And so, I began my art therapy sessions with this lovely lady. Instead of pure counselling, the sessions are more of 'I' coming to terms with myself and recognizing the root causes to my current states of mind.

Irony in terracotta clay,done during the art therapy session

My turbulent mood mellowed as mid-march arrived. I finally managed to start on the gifts that I had wanted to make a year ago.. (Gasp!) Instead of choosing ready-made patterns to make my life a little easier, I decided to come up with  my own knitted designs. As usual, what have I gotten myself into...? :P

Quick pencil sketch and water color on heavyweight cartridge paper

More yarn handling ensued when I decided to take part in a community event. Participants are tasked to make scarves for the needy residing in the highlands of Northern Thailand.

Scarves Frenzy, Ink illustration & Water color on 5" x 7" cold pressed watercolor paper

The end of March marked the loss of a great man in our country and the past week had been a week of mourning for the whole nation.

Lee Kuan Yew's Quote, Ink illustration and water color on 5" x 7" cold pressed watercolor paper

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