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Thursday, March 03, 2016

New Print for Sale! And Throwback to Day 29 of Creativebug Draw a Day Challenge (January)

This illustration was meant for the Day 29 prompt for the Creativebug Draw a Day challenge (January), and that was 'Sunshine'; as well as for the Day 3 prompt for Instafriends Draw a Week, which was spaceship.

A fellow Instagrammer had requested for a print of this. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that my master/dominant hand had a really bad reaction to tea tree oil over the weekend... My existing eczema started to flare up really badly, and I had to make a trip down to the doc and got some antibiotics & ointments. I couldn't use my dominant hand for the time being (still healing as of now), so I thought it's a good time to convert the illustration into a print since I didn't have to use much of my dominant hand while doing things digitally.

And now, it's up for sale at my Etsy shop! This print comes with an option for paper upgrade. So if you are interested in the print too, hop on over to my shop!

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