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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So Many On-Holds?

Aye... Will be visiting Japan again in January (stop the ahhs, please.. I just hope the formation of the tour group will be successful..) and since it'll be winter then, knitting some winter gears will be my priority for now. Finishing my crocheted bolsa fat bottom bag will be high up in the list too (well, my mum has already sewn the lining for the bag.. Will also post a guideline for doing the bag as the instructional videos on youtube is in spanish/portugese??).

Some winter wear/gears I'm currently/ will be making:

Knitted Skinny Cable Scarf - Red

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Lang Tosca (Wool + Acrylic blend)
Needle Size: 5mm
Notes: Well, it's not very skinny, but skinnier than the normal scarves.. if you get what I mean..

Knitted Skinny Cable Scarf - Light Gray

Pattern: Rakuten Ichiba Cashmere Cable
Yarn: Navy Mild Japanese Yarn (Wool + Acrylic blend)
Needle Size: 5mm

Drops Design number 103-6

Pattern: Drops Design number 103-6
Yarn: Jaeger Roma (erm, it's from stash..)
Needle: 5mm + 4mm
Note: I have a feeling I might not have enough yarn to make a dress/top of similar length.. Might end up shorter than the original..

Winter gloves
Pattern: I've photocopied a couple of glove patterns... Drops design has a few nice ones too.. Might also check out knitty.

Winter hat
Pattern: Rakuten Ichiba? Might make Calorimetry from knitty..

Drops design number 104-7
Pattern: Drops design number 104-7 Will try to make it if I've the time.. And if I can understand the instructions... heh..

Okay, I'll see if I've the time to take some WIP photos tonight. Oh, and I went to the Teddy Bear exhibition (at the Arts House) with XB on Sunday. Will write a post on this tonight as well. Stay tuned.

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