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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A constructive night!

Did some knitting and beading yesterday night while watching my fave CSI and Bones!

Finally finished the back and left panel of the leafy lace cardigan, and am now on my right panel. =)

As you can see, I've modified the pattern quite a bit...

A close-up of the lace... The pieces need a serious blocking before I can seam them together!

As for beading, I'd bought a simple ring kit from spotlight (for only 4 bucks!). The end result turned out kinda cute! ^.^ Will consider other pattern kits.. hahaha

A big close-up! (I've used 2 magnifying glasses for this.....)

Oh, I'd bought another Miyuki necklace kit from Golden Dragon too.. Will be making 2 necklaces soon.. Shall see which match the jie3 mei4 dress better..

p.s. Just wanna add that the Beethovan's Pathetique 2nd Movement that's played on a harp for the wedding scene in Bones is so so so so beautiful!!.... T.T


ALLE said...

yep, true. and good thing u knew that! ahha btw niceee cardigan :) spotlights havin a sale againnnn today. shall look out for the next one cos i cant go today sigh. btw nicee ringggg so cute. how big isit?

and btw im typing on two keyboards now. hahahahaha

Rhinestic said...

aye, the top part of the ring is about the same width as my finger.. hahaha.. i think the flower ring is cute too.. shall see if i wanna get that the next time i go spotlight!

Arrhh! So u plug in an external keyboard to ur sis's laptop?

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