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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Crafty Tuesday - #3 Making a simple clasp

Sorry for the delay! For this week's tutorial, I'll be demonstrating how to make a simple clasp from wires. (You know, there are always times when you need a clasp, and you just run out of it...)

The materials:

1. 26 gauge wire (*Optional if you have bigger jump rings, about 5 or 6mm, around in the house. Should be thinner than the wire from 2)

2. Thicker wire than 1. Mine is about gauge 20 or 18, maybe?

3. A 5mm knitting needle... (*Optional if you have bigger jump rings...)

4. 3mm jump rings. (*1 and 3 are not needed if you also have 5 or 6 mm jump rings)

5. Chain nose pliers

6. Round nose pliers

7. Nipper tool

Okay, the first couple of steps are needed if you don't have 5 or 6 mm jump rings around:

Coil your wire from (1) around the knitting needle as above. Then use your nipper tool to cut across the coil like so (the dotted red line):

And you'll get a few rings like below:

This is used as the loop to hook onto the clasp.

The next few steps are for making the main part of the clasp:

Cut out a piece of wire from (2) about 2 to 2.5 inches long. You then use your round nose pliers to form a loop on one end like so:

You then make another loop opposite of the above first loop as below:

Trim off the long tail and press down that end until it leaves a small gap as shown in the photo below:

Next steps are for finishing up the clasp:

Take three 3mm jump rings and chain them up and then hook one end to one side of the clasp as above. Close that side of the clasp shut so that the chain of jump rings won't come off. This is one side of the clasp.

Take 1 big jump ring (that you've made earlier or take 5mm or 6mm jump rings) and three 3mm jump rings:

And chain them up like so:

You then hook this big jump ring chain onto the empty side of the clasp you have made earlier and you'll get a complete clasp:

You also can get fancy and beautify the clasp like this:

What I have demonstrated in this tutorial is just a simple and basic clasp. Be creative and have fun making your own clasp! *wink*

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