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Friday, October 03, 2008

Etsy Tidbits Thursday - #4 Kawaii

Something's very wrong with me this week... Sorry for the 1-day delay again! ><>< For this week's theme, it's all kawaii stuffs! Enjoy!

1♥ Cupcake - Polymer Clay Pendant
2♥ Pink Pastry Selection On Ceramic Plate Magnet
3♥ Crochet Pattern- Nichole the little girl amigurumi doll
4♥ 2- Fabric Covered Hair Clips
5♥ Hedgehog Dots - Green
6♥ Rose Garden Cake Charm Necklace - Jstar Handmade Kawaii Bakery Collection
7♥ Kawaii Kitty Cameo
8♥ Dotti Crochet Polka Dot Pendant
9♥ Set of 4 folded illustrated Japanese Dolls cards

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