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Saturday, October 04, 2008

1st try on clay miniatures

Okay... not so "mini" miniatures.. Had a try on making clay bunny miniatures.. And my 2 bunnies turned out about 3cm tall each (which is slightly taller than an inch.. and yes, the height includes the ears.. LOL) Have a look!

clay bunnies charms

clay bunnies charms

clay bunnies charms
Can see that they are not perfect... Still have lots of room for improvements.. =\


chantc said...

so cute...

ALLE said...


AHHHHH!!!!!! can u handmake such babies for my bday too???? def. worth 10000x more than bought goods:D

soooo special and prettay:)

Rhinestic said...

you like them? hahha..

Any animals, or flowers, or other cute things you'd like me to make? (or you want surprise? =P)

ALLE said...

ohohoh... yepp i like the almoz everyting u make actually!:S

soo.. i think surepirse will be better!!! hahaha up to u bah:D

btw the shirts in the wash!!!

il take a picture of it once its dried!! but pls remind me incase i forget.. haha cos recently very buzy><

i peifu u for managing to squeeze in time to do what u like too:(

Yuuki said...


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