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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My almost "T-Shirt" bag...

Coz it's not made of a T-shirt... Anyway, supposed to post this a couple of weeks back... Oh wells, had been very busy.. Need to go back to work in a while.

Got 1/2 meter of this cool black and white fabric from Spotlight which I turned into this..


Used black and white ribbons to weave one of the straps..

My conclusion is, I still prefer the traditional method of sewing a bag... The duct tape just makes my fabric crumple!!! >< And no, I did not just use staples to seam up the bag.. I did sew the bag first with thread... After which, I lined the inside with black duct tape. And it's hard to paste the duct tape flat and nice on the already sewn bag... == Oh wells.. (Just in case you're wondering, the bag pattern is my own..)


chantc said...


Rin 。 said...

great!! So pretty. make more! then i can sell for u!! :)

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