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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So many things to do, so little time...

Yo, I'm back. My poor knitting projects.. No progress since I've switched job! But I'm putting them on hold at the moment (again!) for some sewing projects...

  1. A bag
    Pattern from Goth.Loli Mag Vol. 13. I've already traced the patterns, and cut out some pieces. Need to cut out the interfacing and the pocket piece before sewing them together.

  2. Practice piece for an outfit
    Instructions from Goth.Loli Mag Vol. 13. Need to draft the pieces first as there are no patterns available. Have to alter some stuffs.

  3. Actual outfit
    Can start on the actual outfit after trying out the practice piece (and figuring out which areas can be improved)

  4. 2 tops
    Have some designs inside my head. Need to find time to lay the ideas down on paper.

So many things to do... Yet I've so little time..

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