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Monday, June 01, 2009

Sewing updates

I've finished sewing the bag, based on the pattern from Goth.Loli mag.

Conclusion: Bag a little on the small side. Cute though. If I were to make this again, would go for a stiffer outer fabric, without using quilt batting. I couldn't get the layers under the sewing machine foot while trying to sew the corners of the bag. Ended up hand-stitching them.. The cotton fabric is also a little too soft to hold the bag up with a nice shape (even though i added that batting in... maybe a stiff interfacing would do a btter job) Would also make a bigger version..

Next project coming up next: drafting pattern for my outfit


Yuuki said...

How did you do the handles?

Rhinestic said...

... bought them..

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