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Saturday, February 13, 2010

O' Crafty Day #11 - How to cut baking paper for a round baking tin

This is not exactly a craft, but a tip for cutting baking/greaseproof paper to fit in your round baking tin perfectly without the need to measure or trace (and dirtying the paper in the process).

1) Of course, you need some baking/greaseproof paper and your baking tin.


2) Cut out a squarish/rectangular piece of baking/greaseproof paper larger than the baking tin.


3) Fold the paper in half, with the opposite edges meeting each other. (The inside of the paper is where you'll be placing your unbaked goodies)


4) Fold the folded piece in half again, into quarters.


5) Fold along the pink line as shown below, making sure the folded edge meet with the other folded edge. (the paper will be divided into eighths)


6) Fold along the pink line so that side (A) meets up with side (B). (The paper will be divided into 16ths)


7) If you have done the previous steps correctly, you'll end up as follows.


8) Overturn your baking tin, and place the pointed tip of the folded paper at roughly the centre of the tin.


9) Bend the paper over the curved edge of the tin like so to make a rough fold:


10) The rough fold indicates where you should cut and you'll end up with this:


11) Open up the piece of paper, and voila! You'll get a piece of round shaped paper ready to be put into the baking tin.



ALLE said...


Malou said...

THANK YOU..i always knew there had to be an easier way! and images too..very generous of you to share!

Anonymous said...

what about the sides of the tin

Rhinestic said...

Hi, usually, I apply a very thin coat of vegetable oil or melted butter at the sides instead of using baking paper. That's often enough to help me remove the cake from the tin once baked and cooled.

However, if you need to use baking paper, you can do so by cutting out a strip of baking paper that is about the height of the tin and is long enough to go around the inside of the tin (with a little bit of overlap). To help with "adhering" the paper to the sides of the tin, you can dab a tiny bit of vegetable oil or melted butter on the tin before putting the paper in.

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