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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Part 2 of making pineapple tarts

Made the dough using the recipe here. But after weighing the amount of filling I had (which was barely 200g), I most certainly had to half the amount of ingredients.

I also used champagne instead of vanilla essence.. Yes, you hear me right.. Champagne, as in the alcohol.. Well, another recipe suggests using brandy, and since I didn't have vanilla essence at hand, and my mum said that there's already an opened bottle of champagne in the refrigerator, and she claimed that using champagne is no different from using brandy......... Well, well, it's only about 1 teaspoon of alcohol.. No big deal..


For the baking part, I baked the tart bases first for about 10 minutes, before brushing on the egg yolk glaze and putting the pineapple filling in. After which, I baked for about another 8 minutes. This is a trick I learnt from another recipe which prevents the glaze from cracking and the pineapple filling from being too dry and hard.

I ended up with a few extra tart bases as I ran out of filling, and I'd already reduced the filling for the smaller tarts.. I guess 3 small pineapples would make just enough filling for this amount of tarts.. As for the extra tart bases, I filled them with jam.. Hahaha..


I strongly recommend the recipe that I linked here (for the tart bases) as well as the tricks that I've learnt. The tart bases are solid on the outside (which hold the shape quite well) but crumbly on the inside (almost melt-in-the-mouth!)... yum!


Maple leaf and flower... Autumn vs Spring..

*Update: I used top flour instead of plain flour... No idea if this gave the tart bases a nice crumbly feel without "disintegrating"...

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