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Saturday, February 19, 2011

2nd time's not a charm but an improvement..

and I meant making macarons.

My first try was more than 1 year back and it was disastrous. What's even more maddening was it was a kit from Tokyu Hands in Tokyo, and it wasn't cheap. I only had perhaps fewer than 6 shells that survived and they all looked wonky with ugly cracks.

This time round, I bought my own ingredients separately; and researched on the method and techniques used in making macarons. I have better luck this time round. All my macaron shells survive, but quite a number have some cracks in them... Except for the 4 shells which look almost perfect:


I figured I might not have rested the unbaked shells long enough till the skin of the shells were dry to the touch, and my oven was a little too hot.. Oh well.. At least there's no wastage this time round, and I know which areas to improve on..

And in case you're wondering, the filling is some dark choco with mint leaves ganache... Yum ^.^

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