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Sunday, February 13, 2011

O' Crafty Day #15 -Valentine's Day Special


Here's a really simple accessory to adorn your valentine's day outfit! This brooch is fundamentally made from fabric yoyos. I've used the large-size yoyo maker from Clover, which did a really good job at creating neat gathered edges in the yoyos rather quickly. However, it doesn't mean you can't make them without one. Here's a youtube video that I've found which teaches you how to make yoyos without a yoyo maker:

We need to first make 3 yoyos, and sew some beads to the gathered opening of each yoyo.


Plan how you want the yoyos to be placed in the brooch, and sew them together using hidden stitches.


For me, I sewed on some lace ribbon strips to add some finesse. I had the strips slightly longer than I needed so that I could hide the ends neatly in the backing.


Next, to do the backing for the brooch pin, I traced the outline of the brooch shape onto a piece of felt, and cut the felt shape about 3 to 5mm smaller all around. Then, decide which part of the brooch to be the top portion and which part to be the bottom portion. With the back of the brooch facing you, orientate the piece with the top portion pointing up and bottom portion pointing down. You'll start sewing from the right edge which is midpoint between the top and bottom, then using whip + hidden stitches, sew anti-clockwise until you reach the midpoint of the left edge. (If you want to glue your brooch pin, you can skip this step and sew all around. Then hot glue your pin to the felt.)


Make sure you have the thread coming out from the yoyo and under the felt piece.


Tie a knot and snip the thread near the knot.

If you (like me) prefer to attach the brooch pin by sewing, this is the time to do so. Plan on where you want to place your pin.


Holding just the felt piece, sew the pin to the felt.


And voila! Happy Valentine's Day! ^.^


Suzanne said...

I love what you have done with the yoyo's... cutest use ever!!

Rhinestic said...

Hi Suzanne!

Thanks! I'm currently working on a bigger project involving yoyos. Hope it'll turn out ok.. ^.^

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