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Monday, April 25, 2011

Busy weekend..

Had been sewing like a mad lady over the Good Friday holiday and weekend for a project at work. My target was to sew 22 covers for the IKEA Iris chair pad, and 10 chair-back slip covers.


It's like taking "working over-time" to another whole new level. In case you hadn't known, my designation in the company is an interactive developer. If you have no idea what that means, think interactive web applications, websites and etc... All of which have nothing to do with sewing.. Hahaha!

Don't get me wrong. I'm really happy that I was given a task that's related to my passion. But as usual, I didn't think that I would need THAT long to make them... I ended up spending about 15 hours to make 10 slip covers and about 19 hours to make the 22 chair pad covers (both including the time to transfer the drafted patterns onto fabric and cutting them)...

And in between I had to attend a "house party", visit my mum and also my in-laws.. Translated, I had burnt my whole weekend! To think that I'd planned to make a dress... =( Then again, after some simple Math, I actually took about an hour on average to make each piece of item from scratch! Pretty amazing..

WIP.. Chair pad covers all serged, hemmed and pinned; ready to be sewn!

But like any rushed project, there are bound to be some imperfections.. Which is my pet peeve!! =( Sighh.. And together with interrupted concentration, I was pretty much a monster in bad mood throughout the weekend......

The final chair pad covers.. Come in black and brown. (Sorry for the creased edge on the black cover.. Didn't realise that when I took the photo..)

Chair-back slip covers in 3 different designs

Well, at least, they are all done, waiting to be sent back to office.. I think my digi cam is dying... All my photos are over-exposed, even though I lowered the exposure and the ISO setting to the minimum! =( And some of the photos have these weird lines in them as if there's some rendering problems... Sigh. Time to get a new camera...

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