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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Excited over Grosgrain's Free Pattern Month!

As compared to knitting and crocheting projects, I know I don't have as much sewing projects to show. For some reasons, I don't have the habit of noting down projects related to sewing. Perhaps most of them are simple stuffs that I don't think warrant a post. And those clothing projects, that I think deserve some blog exposure, are still in wip stage (I always seem to have knitting/crocheting projects that interrupt the sewing process)..

Nevertheless, I'm still pretty much a pattern-seeking buff when it comes to sewing projects. I love looking at the Japanese sewing books and burda magazines for sewing inspiration (And they still remain as inspiration... sad) Burdastyle site has also been quite a good source for sewing patterns, inspiration and techniques.

Now, Grosgrain's going to have a Free Pattern Month, during which one free pattern from a selected talented blogger will be featured each day!

I'm definitely not going to miss this out!

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