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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A new finished sewing project!


Call me lame or slow but I only got to know about this Burdastyle mag pattern after reading Nette's post... even though I have that issue since it was published... Which was slightly over a year ago.... *roll eyeballs* Well, I came to the conclusion that the original version didn't attract me as much as Nette's... Here's the original (the other plaid version with shorter ties looks good though):


What prompted me to really make this (other than it looks really cute on Nette) is that it's totally wearable to work! I'm more of a simple top + jeans girl when it comes to my work clothes, so this fits the bill.

Love the fabric too as it's comfortable and well, the bird prints are just too cute~! I will find some time to take some action shots and post them up in the "official" entry for this top maybe next Monday. A closer look at the prints:


Come to think about it, I think it's the over-sized bow on the original blouse that puts me off a little... I toned it down on my version.. =P (The fact that I have limited yardage for this fabric played a part too)

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