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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Yarn Bombing!

Gasp! A bomb!! A yarn bomb!!!


Gahh!! It's going to blow!!!! Take cover!

=D Rainbow, tiny rabbits, human beans, tiny fishes, mushrooms and the gigantic cloud are based on patterns from Mochimochi Land. The gigantic bomb, grass patches and hot air balloons are my own designs. As for the crochet balloons, I got them from here. Made a trip down to my work place today (a Sunday!) to yarn-bomb our shared office table with this. =P

I also yarn-bombed my colleagues' tables with these cute mini yarn bombs (yes, I'm taking "yarn bombing" way too literally.. =P). These are slightly scaled-down versions of the "gigantic" yarn bomb I had in the diorama, and each mini bomb is customized:


Um, yes, I went a little too far in making the packaging pretty.. Hehe, just a little "bad habit" of mine. I love packaging things nicely. And I had great fun playing with the plastic bag sealer!

I've used shrink plastic to make the customization of each mini yarn bomb as well as the "Yarn Bombed!" tags.

A robot!

"Yarn Bombed!" tag
I had planned to make some knitted balloons on sticks but time's really not on my side. For some reason, I knit tiny stuffs pretty slowly... >< Anyways, Happy Yarn Bombing!

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