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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Daiso Maniac Saturday: #3 Cola and Soda Gummy

The random Daiso find for this week is....

Cola and soda gummy sweets by Kabaya! 

You know, a couple of weeks back, I got myself a tiny packet of cola sweets, also from Daiso, and those gummy cola bottles tasted nothing like the usual gummy cola. In fact, those things had a strange plastic-y taste.. Yeewch..

When I saw this Kabaya's version recently, I had some reservations about it. There was this weird thought in my head that all gummies at Daiso must have that "inedible" plastic-like taste. In the end, I just thought to give it a chance.

Unlike the Daiso cola bottle sweets, the gummies in this Kabaya packet were individually wrapped. Which seemed to be a good sign.

Here's how the cola gummy looked like after opening the wrapper. Quite cute!

It still didn't have that full cola flavor that is so reminiscent of the classic cola bottle gummy (which we locals can get from 7-11). At least it tasted edible. No plastic taste. Pretty good, actually.

Next, it's the soda gummy. I love the frosted blue color!

Mmm, have you drunk Ramune before? This soda gummy tasted similar..! So.. soda = ramune?

1 comment :

StarrySnow Sharmine said...

i guess ramune = lemon flavored soda or something along those lines :3

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