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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Teddy for Charity

And so, last Saturday, I went down to my friend, Hemdi's, church to celebrate her birthday in the most amazing way. She had organized a "Hand-sew a teddy bear" workshop with OneTwoFreeTeddy for a good cause. But first, another friend, April, had a mission on hand. To decorate the wall. And I joined in a little for fun...

Oops, blurry photo... I contributed the banner greeting, the heart deco on the cup and the spool of thread.. Hehe

The workshop was supposed to begin at 2 pm, but we only got to start after 3. Each of us selected our kit and with guidance from Cindy of OneTwoFreeTeddy, we embarked on our sewing journey.

The kit I had chosen..

The 4-hour session was a little too short for us to complete the bear, but Cindy was awesome enough to stay on to give us the rest of the instructions even though she had a concert to attend. 

I managed to finish sewing 70% of the bear when the session ended, but I soon realized the ears were too close to the edge of the cheek pieces and there was no way I could sew the top piece properly. The perfectionist in me kicked in again, and I had to unpick and re-sew the face pieces. 

The original instructions did not include clipping and notching the curves, but knowing how the seams will not flip out cleanly, I trimmed all the seams with my pinking shears. It was pretty fun stuffing the parts and seeing the bear taking shape. I made a mini tie for him too!

I've got a polka-dot tie!

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