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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Daiso Maniac Saturday: #7 Theme of the Month Scratch-off Cards

This week, I am going back to my roots in crafting and finally introducing something that's not food-related. I was pretty excited to see Daiso selling interesting pens like the UV-light spy pens, pens that are infused with fruit fragrance as well as the scratch-pen.

I know you can make your own scratch-off paint like this, but I didn't mind paying 2 bucks for the pen just for kicks. Hahaha.. A little reminder for those who are intending to get this scratch-pen. The instructions meant what they say, even though it is in Japanese. Please use only a soft eraser to "scratch" the ink away. If you use a coin or your fingernail.....

That is what would happen.. Torn paper, not pretty. =P

Anyway, to demonstrate a use of the scratch-pen, I came up with this very simple project. A set of 12 cards, each with a random word which can be used as the theme of the month for crafting purposes.

- 1 solid colored paper
- 12 pattern papers

- Paper cutter
- Glue tape
- Corner rounder punch
- Scratch-pen

First of all, I cut up the solid colored paper into 12 pieces, measuring 2cm x 5cm each.

Next, I cut up a square from each pattern paper, measuring 5cm x 5cm. I then round the corners of each square.

The fun part was thinking of random words and writing them onto each of the solid colored rectangle pieces.

Once all 12 words had been written, it's time for the scratch-pen to do its work. A tip is to draw a perimeter round the area you want to cover before filling it in. For me, I drew a longish-oval around the word.

One thing to note is that the ink that comes out from the pen is not very thick and a coat from it might not cover the words properly. To get round the problem, instead of using the normal pen coloring method, I pushed down the pen vertically to release some ink and I used the tip of the pen to kinda smear the ink around. I continued doing that until the whole area was covered. It's a little tedious but it did the job of covering my words wonderfully. I did this for the rest of the 11 words..

The good thing about this ink is that it dries pretty fast, probably about a couple of minutes or so. Once the ink was dried, I glued each rectangle piece onto a squared pattern piece with my glue tape.

To store the cards, I used one of the patterned papers to create a mini box.

Have fun!


A+ said...

Hi! May i know where did you got your corner cutter? Is it also from daiso? :)

Rhinestic said...

Hi A+! I got the corner puncher from Paper Market, a local scrapbooking store

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