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Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy White Day in Advance! A Mini Etsy Shop Update

I have finally listed the 3 new button pins! In time for another day similar to Valentine's day! White Day is a very special day in Japan and a few other Asian countries, falling 1 month after Valentine's day on the 14th of March. It is the day when guys will return the favor (preferably white color) to the girls whom they received home-made treats from previously on Valentine's day.

These button pins have a soft ombre background effect with a whitish-pink tone. Perfect for the "white" concept for White Day!

The first pin is named White Romance:

This pin has the whitest undertone out of the 3 designs. It has a mini white heart, made from polymer clay, gold leaf flakes and gold-plated bits embedded in it. I also used a gold-plated ball chain to run through the button holes, increasing the look of elegance. To get this pin, click here! (There's a small bit of lint that managed to get its way into the resin. As such, I am selling this at a discounted rate.)

The next pin is Flutter:

Flutter has 2 lace cut-outs that look almost like a pair of wings. The "splatter" of gold leaf flakes and gold micro beads almost makes it look like the wings are in flight. To grab this pin, click here!

And last but not least, the 3rd pin is Fleur:

Fleur has a glittery background with a floral lace cut-out, 2 polymer clay mini hearts and gold-plated bits embedded in it. The pin shimmers beautifully when hit by light at certain angles. To get this pin, click here!

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