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Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Packaging for Button Pins


Been busy today putting my final thoughts into redesigning the button pins packaging. I started with some manual prototyping.. aka designing my box template on a piece of paper, and then making my box using my trimmer and scoring board with some leftover scrapbooking cardstock.

Once I was happy with the box design, I redrew the box template in Silhouette studio and added some more design elements, before doing a test cut. After some fine-tuning, here's the final outcome!

I still have yet to create the stamp for the word "button" to be used above the "PIN" word. Still deciding if I should carve a rubber stamp or make my own photopolymer stamp. I experimented with the Teresa Collins stampmaker gel pacs yesterday, and was surprised that they worked with my UV lamp and DIY clamp (I did waste one gel pac as my setup required a different set of timings)!

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