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Sunday, May 03, 2015

April Illustrations

I am currently taking part in this Instagram challenge called "The 100 Day Project" whereby participants are to post a craft or art related project daily for 100 days. (Search for tags #the100dayproject and #100daysofrhinesticworks)

Ideally, one is supposed to choose an action (for example, photography) and repeat that action for the next 100 days. I kinda skipped that action repetition part by mistake and have been posting various craft and art projects.. Which.. I will continue to do so. Since I love changing things up.

Anyway, as part of my own challenge (parallel to "The 100 Day Project"), I decided to start on an illustration series which I might consider getting printed into an illustration book.

Titled "Insignificances".

Left: Random insignificant weeds growing from the brick walls along a sidewalk
Right: The misunderstood pinkie finger

Left: Fallen, Separated
Right: Scrapped Yarn (as a surface design)

Left: It floated, and vanished into nothingness.
Right: Torn laces

Left: Wild Flowers
Right: Wasted but can't let go

Hide . 隠す. 躲

And a random doodle I did in between which I am still contemplating to convert into a proper illustration..

Little Red Riding Hood


Gemma Roberts said...

Love them all, especially the doodle!

Faded Windmills

Rhinestic said...

Thank you, Gemma! :)

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