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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Clothing for the Pooch in the House

I have just sent Akiko for her first full grooming, and it's a tad shocking to see her missing that coat of voluminous (but tangled at the wrong places) fur... She's now a scrawny-looking little Bambi...

Coincidentally, I chanced upon Milla Milla while searching for youtube videos on sewing yukata for dogs. It's a Japan-based dog wear patterns shop and they have free patterns for the basic tank and hoodie (It's also a good way to test which size fits your dog better before purchasing any of their patterns).

Between SS and S sizes, I couldn't tell which would fit Akiko better so I made a muslin out of the smaller size first.

As you can see, I did the muslin before she had her fur chopped off. Despite the ridiculously poofy fur she had, the SS size fitted her pretty well.

With that, I made another with a hoodie.

She looks pretty chic and sporty, ready for the hot months ahead!

And yes, I did purchase their Yukata pattern for SS-sized dogs.. I still need to study more dog wear patterns before I can draft any on my own..

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