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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Love's in the Air - Swarovski Necklace

A romantic and vintage-looking piece for my dearest friend, Diana, as a wedding gift. My initial thought was to create a modern, edgy piece, but that idea kinda flopped...

Then, something clicked in my brain... Why not take what she likes and put them into the piece? Diana's a nature-lover and loves shades of green. She also has that gentle, classy and elegant look. A romantic vintage-style would look great on her!

With those ideas in mind, I've created ~Amour, Love's in the Air~. =) Totally made of Swarovski crystals, handcrafted resin clay roses, silver-colored filigree and sterling silver chains and findings. And of course, it's definitely made with lots of love. =P

Enjoy the photos! ^.^

whole necklace

live action shot

Amour, Love's in the AirThe bluish tint is from the morning light.

front viewAlso taken in the morning

heart-shaped toggle claspHeart toggle clasp

As for why it's called Love's in the Air.... See those 2 butterflies? LOL..


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that is nice!! u should be them and sell!! :)

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