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Friday, March 27, 2009

Royal Goth


Made a necklace to match my black-purplish dress (which I'll be wearing to a friend's wedding). You can see part of the dress in the photo.. Lol..

Saw the pendant kit at a bead shop, but was appalled by the price... I mean, I could buy the same materials at a fraction of the price of the kit, and I still have left-overs! Granted I had to figure out how to do the pendant myself... (Which was kinda fiddly but manageable)

But you know, the other great thing about not relying on kits is that you get to choose your own beads, and you can go wild on the basic design. The original kit I saw was this sweeter looking pendant (I remembered it was some pinkish swarovski crystals.. but not the pink I like) that was tied to a pink ribbon (acting as the necklace chain). Totally not the style for my dress.. But I love, love the use of the 4-holed metallic beads to make up the rectangular pendant!

So I used some dark-silver beads and deep purple swarovski beads instead. In place of the ribbon, I chose this double-stranded chain (very cool, very gothic) and a dark-silver bail to hook the pendant and chain together. Love the end result!

A closer look at the pendant...


Anonymous said...
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Rin 。 said...

Wah! That is so pretty!

Rhinestic said...

thank u! ^.^

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